Club Objectives & Rules


The primary objective or purpose of the Club is to own and maintain its property and conduct the business pertinent thereto for its satisfactory operation – as best possible as a non-profit organization – for the benefit of Club members.

Additionally, the Club holds dear the following operating values:

  1. To promote safe boating operations.
  2. To encourage members to become proficient in the management, control and handling of their boats as well as navigation skills.
  3. To encourage a `club` atmosphere – a brotherly group of members with similar goals, desires and values with respect to boating (as opposed to a `marina` atmosphere).
  4. To encourage members to assist one another in all aspects of boat ownership and maintenance.
  5. To encourage members to take an active part in supporting all club activities.
  6. To promote and encourage cruising and racing both in-club and with nearby clubs.
  7. To make a positive contribution to the community.
  8. To HAVE FUN !!!!



Rules & Regulations


  1. Excessive wake is to be avoided in the harbour. This is a common courtesy extended to marina holders to avoid unnecessary stress on lines, damage to boats and personal injury.
  2. Campfires are ONLY allowed at the group fire pit near the point of the club property.
  3. We recommend children wear lifejackets or certified PFD’s while on docks or boats.
  4. The gin pole is available for use by TRYC members.  Please consult with TRYC senior members on its proper operation.
  5. Any masts being stored on the mast racks must have their spreaders and any other mounted equipment such as Radars, Wind Instruments, etc removed. The mast must have the name of the person or boat clearly marked on the mast for identification purposes. All lines must be secured when mast is being stored.
  6. Cradles will be inspected by the Board and determine whether the cradle is fit in all respects to hold the boat. Cradle replacement may be ordered if a cradle is considered to be unsafe.
  7. The Captain of the boat being refueled is responsible in all respects for the fuelling of his/her vessel. Fuel may be transported to the club and used to refuel as long as proper approved containers are used.
  8. It is the responsibility of all members to report any safety issues to the Board for corrective action. Anyone witnessing a safety violation should inform the person straight away.
  9. Access on, and use of club facilities is at own risk.


  1. It is not permitted to leave your vessels engine running at the Marina unattended or for long periods of time.
  2. All halyards and other rigging on sailboats must be secured in such a manner as to not have them hitting the mast or other parts of the boat that may cause unnecessary noise.
  3. A noise curfew is set for 11:00pm. Audio equipment is to be turned down so not to disturb others. Please respect others in the club.
  4. Anyone wishing to live aboard their boat as a principal residence must meet with the Commodore and/or Board to discuss their intentions.
  5. Any member wishing to make alterations to his dock, add a deck or do any building/ alterations on club property must provide a detailed plan to the board for approval prior to such work.
  6. No commercial vessels are permitted in the basin unless they are performing work at the Clubs request.
  7. There is a 10 km speed limit anywhere on the property. Parking is allowed and encouraged on our private road which leads behind the cottage.
  8. All pets are to be on a leash if requested by another member. The mess created by them is to be cleaned up and disposed of by the owner. No animals are allowed in the cottage or gazebo at any time. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure their pet creates no excessive noise.
  9. The rights of others on the marina are to be respected at all times. No boat will be launched or hauled until all dues/fees have been paid and any outstanding accounts have been rectified. An outstanding account is any account more than 30 days in arrears. No boat shall be removed from the club property following its sale, until all outstanding dues and fees have been paid.
  10. No personal belongings are to be stored in the club house, picnic shelter or gazebo.
  11. During winter storage, no unattended electrical chords are allowed.
  12. Areas under and around cradles are to be kept clean and clear.
  13. Any wood brought to the wood pile area is to be cut into manageable size pieces and piled neatly.